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AshBer | Hybrid Long Term Care Services in The USA




We provide complimentary and personalized Case Analysis/Proposals to attorneys and advisors.  Whether your client is in a Medicaid Crisis or interested in Proactively Planning for long-term care expenses in the future, we can help.  



Preserving your clients’ assets from a long-term care stay now or in the future is our primary focus.  Using the products listed below, we work with you to prepare a client-focused solution.  


The Tools and Resources below are designed to enhance your practice.  We’ve created state-specific resources, case studies, and more!  


Ashber | Hybrid Long Term Care Services


AshBer is a financial services firm specializing in insurance solutions to pay for long-term care.   
Long-term care is expensive and it can be scary.  Let AshBer help.  

We help clients who are very healthy and interested in proactively planning for a long-term care stay as well as clients who have not prepared for the high cost of long-term care.  For clients who are already experiencing a long-term care stay, one of the insurance solutions we offer is a Medicaid Compliant Annuity which allows a client to become immediately eligible for Medicaid benefits and preserve their assets.


For over 15 years, Amber Hinds has worked with attorneys & advisors across the country to deliver specialized insurance solutions to their clients.

Attorney, Illinois


551 Windy Wood Lane

Wrightstown, WI 54180

Tel: (888) 441-1595

Fax: 678.528.1290 

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“We have been working with Amber to purchase Medicaid compliant annuities for our clients for close to 15 years.  Not only does she possess a vast amount of knowledge regarding the annuity products, but her responsiveness is second to none.  Because of her knowledge, responsiveness and her professionalism, we will continue to use Amber for all of our Medicaid annuity needs."

Attorney, Illinois

“Amber has helped enhance my law practice.  She is my trusted advisor for Medicaid compliant annuities and life insurance products.  I would not consider working with anyone other than Amber.  I have never worked with an annuity specialist who is as knowledgeable of the Medicaid rules in my state and of the products.  She reviews each case and provides a well-tailored plan.  She is very quick to respond to questions from our team and to provide any needed assistance.  When information is requested from a DSS case worker, she always responds very quickly.  We know that we can depend on Amber."

Attorney, North Carolina

“I’ve worked with Amber for a number of years. One of the best ways I have found to judge a Professional Partner is not when every thing goes easy but when you get a difficult case and the wheels fall off the bus! Amber can be counted on to make sure everything goes right. She is an excellent technical resource when doing conference calls with the Attorneys office. She is very good at all the follow up and follow through required to get a case designed, placed and issued. If you work with Medicaid or VA compliant annuities, Amber should be your first call. One of my favorite Professional Partners."

Agent, Florida

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