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Meet the President, Amber (Gouin) Hinds

A native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Amber grew up believing that family is the foundation for creativity and learned that this bond offers support and encouragement to achieve life and career aspirations. After meeting her husband, Ashley, in April of 2014 and creating a meaningful connection, the decision was made to trek through their relationship as a long-distance couple for the next 2 years. After a realization that the support and encouragement Amber received through her familial bond could stretch across domestic borders she relocated to Georgia in July of 2016. She now calls The Peach State home residing there with her husband, his 14-year old son, Jaxon, and their Chocolate Labradoodle Brie.

Early morning Orangetheory Fitness workouts with her husband provide a great start to each day for the couple. Building on the connection they have nurtured since 2014. A physical, challenging workout is how Amber starts most days and it is this fitness regimen that fuels her highly-motivated character and gritty work ethic. It is these traits coupled with her passion for her career and clients that have contributed to her success as a business owner.

AshBer is a unique name that brings a family connection with it. The name was generated from combining her husband’s name with hers. AshBer is committed to forming strong, supportive bonds that allow creativity and ideas to flow freely to generate results toward a common goal that facilitate and progress your business plan. Pulling the same values shared with her family into the business allows AshBer to flourish because there is a proven track record and strong foundation at its core.

Amber is a proud recipient of University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh’s BA of Finance where she graduated with magna cum laude honors. She is a licensed insurance agent licensed in all 50 states and holds her Series 65 license with FINRA. Her education allowed her to enter the workforce with confidence and like a sponge absorbed experience in a variety of positions and roles with a footprint stretching across several companies. Amber spent 10 years working for a Wisconsin-based company that specialized in Medicaid Compliant Annuities. After moving to Georgia she began working for a company in St. Louis who specialized in hybrid (annuity and life insurance) long-term care solutions. Armed with over 15 years of experience working in the field as a Medicaid and LTC Planner, Amber brings her tenacity and passion into educating attorneys, advisors, and their clients regarding financial strategies designed to help pay for long-term care costs applicable to both Preplanning (asset-based LTC/hybrid policies) and Crisis Medicaid scenarios. Amber’s strong belief in using the best, highly-rated insurance companies in the industry for all planning solutions is another example of her commitment to the process to ensure that her clients are taken care of from the beginning of their relationships with AshBer.

A career-minded, knowledgeable individual with a familial bond driving both her personal and professional endeavors, gives Amber the upper hand in ensuring that her clients come first in the business world and will be taken care of with above and beyond care while adhering to industry standards. Her passion for educating clients means that they will always be kept in the loop when it comes to things that may impact their business. AshBer is committed to serving clients nationwide and Amber looks forward to the challenges that come her way!

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